As summer crossfades into fall, we wanted take a moment to think about the history of this site and the very early stories that got it all started. Take a moment to step into the ten-years-ago wayback machine and celebrate a decade of DJ Techtools!

Ean’s Column in Remix Magazine

Before DJ Techtools got its start, it had a genesis in print publication.  In 2006, Ean was regularly writing columns for a then-popular publication, Remix Magazine – “a monthly magazine for DJs, audio engineers, record producers, and performers of electronic and hip-hop music.” (Wikipedia)

A column by Ean published in March 2007 in Remix (click to zoom)

In 2006, Ean also started cross-publishing drafts of some of his columns in Remix also on his own WordPress blog – but it didn’t gain much traction on its own.

A Very Basic Blog

In late 2007 was when DJ Techtools first started to take on shape as its own individual site. Check out the simple blogroll style design that we had landed on by December of that year (you can check out the full thing on the Wayback Machine if you prefer):

Hey, for 2006, this was a pretty fancy blog style.

When Is DJTT’s Real Birthday?

Ean shared the story of the first real piece that kickstarted DJ Techtools in 2007 with me this morning:

No one was really reading the blog – not until I posted this video on the site of me playing a controllerism-style routine on my modified VCI-100 arcade. It was shared by Engadget and Gizmodo, and gamers started to see how DJing could be like gaming. That was when the blog really started to gain traction.

The video that Ean’s referring to was published on September 24th, 2007 – so as of last week, we’re officially ten years old. Check out the original video – complete with peak throwback Ean Golden hair – below:

Even though this was early YouTube, Ean still got tons of hate in the comments from trolls. Some things never change!

Read the original article here. 

We’ve been publishing multiple articles on DJTT every single week since that first article – and at nearly 2,500 posts, it feels great to have done so much in ten years.